2018 Kirti Vyas Murder case: Court announces life imprisonment for two colleagues

Kirti was murdered six years ago in 2018 and her body is still not found

2018 Kirti Vyas Murder case: Court announces life imprisonment for two colleagues

In the much talked about Kirti Vyas murder case in Mumbai, the sessions court has convicted the two accused Siddesh Tamhankar and Kavita Sajlani (name changed – as per court order) and sentenced them to life imprisonment. The police investigating the six-year-old murder case are yet to find Kirti's body or remains. However, the Crime Investigation Department presented some digital and forensic evidence before the court. The court has declared both the accused guilty of the murder case saying that this evidence is sufficient.

Kirti Vyas was murdered on March 16, 2018. In May 2018, the police arrested the accused. Three months later, the police filed a charge sheet in this case. Kavita Sajlani was granted bail by the court in 2021. But Siddhesh Tamhankar is still in jail.

All elite police officers were involved with investigation

This was also a high profile murder case like the Sheena Bora case. Therefore, then Mumbai Police Commissioner Dattatraya Padsalgikar, Crime Investigation Department Head Sanjay Saxena, Joint Commissioner K. M. Prasanna was constantly monitoring this matter. Police investigating the case found some blood stains in Kavita Sajlani's Ford EcoSport car. When forensics examined it, they noticed that these were Kirti's blood stains (menstrual bleeding). After that the police started questioning Kavita. When Siddesh Tamhankar was mentioned in Kavita's speech, the police detained Siddesh and started questioning him.

Kirti Vyas was working with B Blunt Salon

Kirti Vyas was working in a senior position at B Blunt in Andheri. A Bollywood actor is associated with this company. Kavita Sajlani and Siddhesh Tamhankar were working in the same company. Kavita and Siddesh's affair was going on. Siddhesh was not doing well in the office. This is how the central government implemented the GST system. But Siddesh did not have much knowledge about it. Also he was not interested in learning about GST. So Kirti issued a notice to Siddesh. The day Kirti was killed was the last day of the deadline for replying to the notice issued to Siddhesh. So Siddesh was afraid of losing his job.

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Siddesh and Kavita hatched the murder plan

On March 16, Siddesh and Kavita had gone to the area where Kirti lived. As Kirti left home to go to the office, Siddesh and Kavita made her sit in their car for some reason. After the car started, Kirti was asked by both of them to withdraw the notice sent to Siddesh. After Kirti refused, she was strangled to death. After that, Kirti's body was kept in the back seat of the car. Kavita took this car to the Parel area. Siddhesh got down from the car there and went to the office from there. So Kavita took the car with Kirti's dead body to her house in Santa Cruz. Kavita also went to the office after parking the car in the parking lot of the building. In the evening, Siddhesh and Kavita left the office one after the other. The two then took the car, parked in the parking lot of Kavita's building and went to Chembur. They threw Kirti's body into a drain in Mahul village in Chembur.

Siddhesh and Kavita went to the police station after murdering Kirti

On the same night, Kirti's parents filed a police complaint. Many of Kirti's colleagues from B Blunt Company also went to the police station that day. Siddhesh and Kavita also went to the police station with them, so that no one would suspect. Both the accused panicked when the police decided to check the CCTV footage of Kirti's house, building and area. He told the police that Kirti was in our car on March 16. We dropped her near Mumbai Central Railway Station. Because she was going to the office by train. Kirti was not seen in any CCTV footage in and around the railway station. So the police got Kavita's car examined by the forensic team. The forensic team found Kirti's menstrual blood stains in Kavita's car and from there the murder case unravelled.

Murder of Kirti Vyas
B Blunt Salon executive Kirti Vyas had issued a show-cause notice to employee Siddhesh Tamhankar on February 14, 2018 for his poor performance at work and sought a response on March 16. On March 16, 2018, Tamhankar and Kavita Sajlani (name changed-as per Court order) offered to drop her to salon and strangled her in the car and dumped her body near Mahul.

Tamhankar in his defence said he was on the verge of completing 5 years and was going to be eligible for gratuity benefits. Also, he was having an affair with Kavita who was married and Tamhnakar was scared that their relationship would be exposed. On May 5, 2018, both Tamhankar and Kavita were arrested. 

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