Tilak Nagar Police raids a bar in Chembur, rescues 23 bar girls

Natraj bar came under police scrutiny after over-stepping permissible time limit


On Sunday, November 12, Tilak Nagar police carried out a raid on Chembur’s Natraj bar where along with bar manager, 16 waiters and four orchestra players were arrested. Apart from this, 23 bar girls were rescued and 52 customers were detained for further investigation. 

Tilak Nagar police got a tip that Natraj Bar operates beyond permissible time limit i.e 1:30 am following which, a raid was carried out. During a raid, police came across three cavities where bar girls were kept hidden, confirmed police spokesperson Deepak Devraj.

The raid was led by Zone six DCP Shaji Umap and Zone seven DCP Akhilesh Singh.