Anti- Narcotics Cell arrests two women drug dealers from Mumbai

Police seized 15 kgs of drugs from both the accused


Mumbai's Anti-Narcotics Cell arrested two women with drugs at Worli's Milk Dairy area with 15 kgs of drugs. Arrested Lata Choure (43) and Rani Barsiya (53) will be prosecuted under NDPS Act, informed Shivdeep Lande, Deputy Police Commissioner (ANC).

Where Mumbai police are trying their best to oust drug dealers from the city, drug lords are using all the tricks in the book to smuggle drugs. One such trick is using women to smuggle drugs. 

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ANC's Worli Unit's senior police inspector Ninad Sawant received information of women smuggling drugs at Worli's Milk Dairy area. Likewise, the ANC team carried out a raid at accused Rani's house where they also arrested another accused Lata who was caught red-handed with drugs.

The ANC team seized 5kg drugs worth ₹1 lakh from Rani while seized 10 kgs drugs worth ₹2 lakh from Lata. In total, police seized 15 kgs of drugs from both the accused.

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