Are we headed for another 26/11 scenario?

    Mumbai  -  

    Sewree- Have you seen these boats at Sewree's Ghaslet Bunder? Who are these people who seem to have made a home within them? These unclaimed boats, docked just off Sewree, have become a haven for illegal occupants, allege local fishermen. Although they are not sure about the identity of the people living in them, these 'boat people' are suspected to be migrant Bangladeshis. Apart from these smaller boats, there are some ships also lying unused in the harbour. The Ghaslet Bunder police chowky is just a stone's throw away from these docked vessels, but local police are reluctant to take any action as the area falls within the jurisdiction of the Mumbai Port Trust. Neither authority seems to be in a hurry to take action against these illegal occupants and the vessels docked here. Between this game of dodging the blame, the illegal activity continues unabated. Will someone take the responsibility? Or are we staring at a repeat of the 26/11 scenario, when official apathy and lax monitoring led to a series of horrific incidents the city can never erase from memory. 

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