Baby's day out with criminals


CST - In a dramatic turn of events, the crime branch has arrested two kidnappers and a woman for allegedly planning to kidnap an infant. The entire plan can put a crime potboiler to shame. One of the culprits, Sani Waghela asked Chiku, a hawker, near Cama hospital for a baby for a film shoot. Chiku was a childless but her friend Savita had a 3-month-old infant. So Chiku introduced Sani to Savita and a deal of 15000 rs for 3 hours was finalised between them. Chiku was promised 2000 rs. Sani left with the baby towards Navynagar never to return. While his accomplice Pankaj and Savita kept waiting at Eros theatre, Churchgate. Pankaj also left after some time to look out for Sani and vanished. Finally worried Sarita along with Chiku launched the complaint. Police got into action and arrested Pankaj in Nalasopara and then Sani who led them to Asha Hegde at Virar. Apparently, it was Asha who had hired Sani for 40000 rs for this kidnapping