Before murdering his mom, frustrated Siddhant was planning to kill himself

    Before murdering his mom, frustrated Siddhant was planning to kill himself
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    Siddarth Ganore who murdered his mother has revealed that he was mulling to commit suicide instead of killing her but changed his mind on the last moment and instead took life of his mother.

    Siddhant, son of senior police inspector Dnyaneshwar Ganore, was fed up of his mother’s dominating nature and regular harassment and had decided to commit suicide. The fights were regular in Santacruz-based Ganore family as Siddhant’s mother Dipali was allegedly of complaining nature towards his father and dominating towards him. Deceased Dipali used to suspect the character of her husband Dnyaneshwar Ganore as he was not giving her time due to his duty. 

    The regular domestic fights disturbed studious Siddhant very much. The young boy who had secured 92% marks in his matriculation started failing the engineering exams in a row. His mother Dipali changed his stream from engineering to science but there also his failure continued. So frustrated he became that he did not appear this year’s annual exam. Siddhant had neither any friend nor was he active socially. He used to stay at home only which damaged his mental health. 

    Siddhant’s FY BSc result was declared a few days back and as he was aware of his performance he was trying to avoid his mother who had planned to accompany Siddhant to his college to get the result.

    On the fateful day of May 23, already tensed Siddhant picked up a knife in his hand but to kill himself. Suddenly, Dipali yelled at him due to some reason. This annoyed Siddhant who changed him mind to end his life and instead stabbed his mother nine times. He committing this cold-blooded crime, Siddhant wrote on floor “tired of her catch me and hang me” and drew a smiley to conclude the statement. Thereafter, Siddhant calmly went to the bathroom, took a shower, changed his clothes, took a cash of Rs 2 lakh and stepped out of the house.

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