False alarm! Nickname for 'Bombay' can land you in jail

     False alarm! Nickname for 'Bombay' can land you in jail
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    What if you get arrested for calling your mother 'Mom'? Or if you address your friends with their pet name? Six friends were travelling from Kerala to CST on Monday and they got into trouble for giving our city a nickname. The friends were having a casual conversation about Bombay when one of them received a message asking about their whereabouts. This person replied with a nickname 'Bomb'. Now, because we live in India and minding our own business isn't our forte, another passenger without understanding the context and the language they were speaking (Malayalam), picked up 'Bomb'. 

    The passenger alerted the CST GRP regarding the matter. All of them were arrested (yes,seriously) on an urgent basis but GRP officials later surmised that there was nothing suspicious about the case. They were then handed over to the Vashi GRP team. It was later realised that 'Bomb' was a short form for 'Bombay' and the boys were released.

    This hilarious event is actually a learning lesson. First things first, stop poking your nose into other people's business. If you don't understand a particular language, try not drawing your own inference from the situation. Secondly, this SMS language is creating a lot of confusion. 'hwz lyf' 'whadup' 'bcz' 'whr' is slightly confusing. Good luck and don't get arrested in BOMB-bay. 

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