Man Allegedly Throws School Friend's 3-year-old Daughter From The 7th Floor In Colaba

The man was under the influence of a superstition that it would bring him prosperity if he kills twins.

In a shocking incident that has come to light, a 3-year old girl was flung from the 7th floor of a building in Colaba by her father's friend. As per the investigation, the accused Anil Chaugani had gone to Morocco as he felt he was falling prey to black magic. Apparently, the person in Morocco told him that he can get rid of black magic only when he sacrifices twins. 

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The victim's father and Chaugani were school friends and as the former had twins, the accused had planned to kill them. On the afternoon of Saturday, September 7, the accused took one kid to a room on the pretext of playing with her but to his dismay, the kid was accompanied by domestic help. He panicked and rushed towards a room and locked it behind him where he flung the kid out of the window and she felt on the bonnet of a car. The police have recovered a diary from the accused's room which had a plan chalked out to kill the twins, however, as the domestic help accompanied the kid, his plan wasn't successful as he expected it to be. 

However, the accused's lawyer has claimed that the kid fell by accident and Chaugani had himself accompanied her to the hospital where she was declared dead later that night. The police have stated that the window was at a height that a 3-year-old wouldn't have reached it and Chaugani has confessed his crime. He was produced in the court today where he has been granted police custody till September 13. 

It has further come to light that the person in Morocco told him that after killing twins, the accused will lead a more prosperous life. The police are further investigating the case and questioning others. 

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