Dr. Payal Tadvi Suicide Case: License Issued To 3 Accused Doctors Suspended Till The Trial Concludes

The three accused doctors, Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti Mehare and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal were granted bail on August 9.


The three main accused in the Dr. Payal Tadvi suicide case - Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti Mehare and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal were granted bail by the Bombay High Court on August 9, however, the 23-page bail documents that were released by Bombay High Court recently revealed some surprising points . 

The three doctors allegedly had made a WhatsApp group named 'Reminder Group' which circulated humiliating casteist messages against Dr. Payal Tadvi. The court further said that though the issue of atrocity against her caste can be decided at the end of the trial, the fact that Dr. Payal was being made conscious that she had secured admission from reserved category is prima facie sufficient to consider a case under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.  

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The medical license of three doctors will be suspended until the conclusion of the trial. According to the statements read out in the court, Dr. Ahuja had made an insensitive remark with regards to a patient. To support the allegation, several junior doctors and nurses gave shreds of evidence of many incidences where these three doctors had been extremely rude. 

As BYL Nair Hospital is a government hospital, many patients admitted in it are from lower economic strata of the society and they usually fall prey to the doctors' insensitive remarks but never raise their voice against it.

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