DeMo forces drug peddlers to go cold turkey

    Pali Hill
    DeMo forces drug peddlers to go cold turkey
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai- The sale and consumption of narcotics and other drugs has taken a massive hit post demonetisation.

    The state government has already announced that the liquor business in the state has been impacted in the last two months. Now, with the drug trade in the city hit, New Year's eve is gooing to be a sober one, it appears.
    Drug peddlers have been unable to sell or buy drugs due to the shortage of ready cash. “We have seized cocaine worth Rs. 18 crore and 130-135 kg charas as well. We have arrested the drug lord Abdul Thana. There was no money in the market and so drug peddlers like Abdul used to sell low quality drugs as cocaine, at higher prices,” said Sanjay Jha, joint director, Narcotics Control Bureau.     

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