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Mumbai - Why do rapes take place? Society will say it's because girls wear skimpy clothes and are 'over friendly'.

The truth is simply that they are girls. Rapists don’t care about age or colour or the clothes a woman wears. A few days ago, a mentally challenged girl was raped near Shreyas Talkies while another eight year old girl was raped at Bhatwadi by a neighbour, who was her almost her father’s age. The accused have been arrested but the question still hangs fire. Are our girls - of any age- safe? Either from strangers or known persons?

“I think there should not be any age limit for rape case. A person committing such a crime, should be punished regardless of age,” said Daksha Bhagwat, a parent. Another parent spoke about the need for sex education. “Government or BMC should conduct workshops on how to impart sex education. This will be enable the person who is assigned the task to communicate with the children,” said Haresh Jadhav, another parent. Students themselves spoke their mind as well. “Parents should teach their boys from childhood that they should respect girls. Also, there should be a friendly environment at home so that girls will free to talk to parents in case of any mishap. Last but not the least, self defense classes should be taught in schools or colleges. This will make women and girls ready to fight the situation in a crisis,” said Raveena Raul, student.

Nowadays, both parents go out to work and there is no one to look after their child at home. Children often trust their relatives or neighbours and that is when the assault takes place. Mumbai Live advises all parents to communicate with their children on a daily basis and to ensure that a complaint is filed if any untoward incident does take place.