Excessive drinking claims life of a fisherman

    Madh Island
    Excessive drinking claims life of a fisherman
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    Malad- One fisherman died due to an overdose of alcohol. As per the information, the fisherman was a resident of Jaunpur village who used to come to Madh Jetty for fishing on a daily basis.

    On Friday, two fishermen, one 30-year-old and the other 34 years old came to Madh jetty for fishing. Both got drunk and slept in the boat. When 30-year-old woke up, he saw the other was lying unconscious and was in a critical state. He was immediately rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

    “Both the fishermen had gone for fishing and got heavily drunk. For now, it seems that the person died due to excessive drinking. But, we are investigating the case,” said Deepak Fatangre, Malwani senior PI.

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