When commoners start playing ‘God’ and take the law in their hands

    When commoners start playing ‘God’ and take the law in their hands
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    What if you hear someone was beaten to death by members of a certain family because the person was staring at the lady in the house? Worse still, what if you come to know the person died was actually mentally challenged? This actually happened in a family residing in Charkop where 6 of its members thrashed Snajay Ganga Sivre (24 years) to death.

    The case is of Bhabrekar Nagar of Charkop, where Sunil Mohite (54) used to stay with his daughter Tejaswini Mohite, son Vishal Mohite, younger son Ajeet Mohite, and wife Kalavati Mohite. Sanjay Sigre was a mentally unstable person and used to frequent Sunil’s residence quite often.

    Turns out on Wednesday, Sanjay went to Sunil’s house and asked for water. Sunil’s daughter, Tejaswini brought water for him, but Sanjay kept staring at Tejaswini that would seem quite unusual to one. Tejaswini obviously, could not take this and went and told about this to her family members after which her family thrashed Sanjay with a bamboo stick and a pole and then informed the Charkop police about it. The Charkop Police, however, reached the spot and took Sanjay to Shatabdi Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and died.

    The police, has filed a case under the section 302 of the IPC against the whole family and have arrested the father Sunil Mohite and his daughter Tejaswini.

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