FDA to tighten noose on Gutkha sellers

 FDA to tighten noose on Gutkha sellers
 FDA to tighten noose on Gutkha sellers
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Sale of Pan Masala and Gutkha were banned way back in the year 2012. What’s surprising to see is that even now vendors are selling gutkha brazenly irrespective of raids carried out by FDA. Mumbai Live did a sting operation in one of the most prominent locations of the suburb i.e. Mantralaya and found that sale of gutkha is in full swing. FDA is fighting the gutkha menace to the core. Few of the raids FDA carried out are as follows –

FDA raids 366 pan stall owners in Pune.

FDA destroyed five tonnes of Gutkha worth Rs 92 lakh.

FDA has considered the sting operation done by Mumbai Live Team and has formed a unit of 8-10 officers who will fight gutkha threat. All those selling gutkha will be under the radar of FDA. Sudesh Annapure FDA officer stated that the gutkha selling is banned not the manufacturing. Gutkha in heavy amount is imported from Gujarat and Karnataka.

RTI Activist R. P. Vai stated that because of few corrupt senior officers gutkha selling is on. All those selling gutkha get away easily from the clutches of the police.

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