Dharavi police arrest Hoax bomb caller


Dharavi police have arrested Mohammad Abid for sparking bomb scare at Parel railway station. Abid is a resident of Dharavi. Abid's in-laws always compared him with his brother-in-law Kadir Sheikh. Kadir Sheikh earns more than Abid that was the primary reason Abid started hating his Kadir Sheikh.

In order to teach him a lesson, Abid called to police station on Saturday as Ramakant Mishra. Abid even gave the name of the suspect Kadir and two phone numbers. Railways have received such calls and they suspected that it would be the hoax. While the blast never happened and the police recovered no explosives.

Sniffer dogs and armed police were called in on Sunday after an anonymous call was made regarding bomb blast at Parel railway station.

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