Girl exposes cheating at Charkop petrol pump


Mumbai – We all know about the cheating at petrol pumps but neglect it. But a young girl unearthed the loot at Bharat Petroleum’s Charkop petrol pump on facebook live.

The girl, Emi, had gone to the said petrol pump. She was behind another girl named Pournima who filled petrol worth Rs 300 in her two-wheeler. The tank of Pournima’s Active bike was expected to be filled to the brim but it was not so. This infuriated the girl who asked about this to the petrol pump employee who did not answer her properly. This further poured ‘petrol’ on Emi’s anger and she decided to make this cheating live on facebook. She received an enthusiastic response for her daring.

Now, this facebook live case has knocked the doors of the concerned fuel company. The company officials contacted Emi and took her to the petrol pump. They examined the petrol pump and asserted that cheating is not possible at the digital station. At the same time, the company officials accepted that such cheating is possible at the non-digitized petrol pump. They assured Emi to digitize all the pumps at this fuel station and case cases against those cheating the common people.

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