Government Bank In Panvel Cheated Of Rs 33.29 Lakh By Cyber-fraudster

At a government bank in Panvel, the bank manager accountable for online transactions received a call from a cyber-fraudster, pretending to be a customer who owns a private company.

Government Bank In Panvel Cheated Of Rs 33.29 Lakh By Cyber-fraudster

In an incident that occurred earlier this month in Panvel, a cyber-fraudster pretended to be a bank’s customer and deceived the manager into sending Rs 33.29 Lakh. The bank has thus, registered an FIR and an investigation to find the accused has been launched. Certain reports claim that many businessmen in the industrial sector have accounts with the said bank.

The bank manager, who is in charge of the online transactions had joined the bank in 2008. It was only until a few years ago that he was promoted as a manager responsible for NEFT, RTGS amongst other online banking work.

According to the complaint, on the morning of July 12, the manager received a phone call from the deceiver masquerading to be a customer who owns a private company. The conman identified himself with the customer’s name then stated that his chequebook is over and since he has a medical emergency, he needs to make an urgent transaction. He then went on to elucidate that he will visit the bank in the evening and make a Rs 1cr fixed deposit and stated that he had already spoken to the bank’s branch manager whose name he mentioned.

The manager whilst agreeing to make the transaction sought an official request from their company’s official email-id on the company letterhead. Sixty minutes later a professed company letter was sent to the manager on his official email id.

Induced by this, the manager then sent Rs 33.29 lakh from the said private company’s account into three various bank accounts. A while later, the relationship manager of the customer, called the manager, denying any such requests. The customer too went to the bank and clarified the same. Post this, an FIR was lodged at the police station. 

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