Humka Peeni hai...

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    Dahisar Cheknaka - God helps three types of people fools, children and drunkards. In this case this dictum is very true, it's prohibited to drink in front of wine shop or any open space. This is the scene of Raj Wine shop, where drunkards are drinking irrespective of law and order. They are drinking in front of the wine shop right under the board which reads 'Drinking is strictly prohibited here.'

    Teetotalers are busy merrymaking and are sinking gradually with every drop that they gulp. Commuters are in awe of these drunkards sitting outside Raj wine shop in Dahisar Check Naka. It seems wine shop owner is least bothered about the hooliganism taking place at his helm. Please watch out of these drunkards, if you taking the route towards Dahisar Check Naka.

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