Pune Youth Steals 59 Cheques Worth ₹46 lakhs from Kandivali's Bank

A youth from Pune, Ashok Gawde has been arrested by Kandivali police for stealing 59 cheques worth ₹46 lakhs.


Kandivali police arrested Ashok Gawde, a youth from Pune for stealing 59 cheques worth ₹46 lakhs from Kandivali's corporation bank. He had picked up a bundle of cheques from counter number 4 and walked out without anyone noticing him.

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When a bank employee realised that the cheques were missing, he contacted Kandivali police to investigate the matter. After analysing CCTV footage, the police found out that the man had come to the bank to collect his passbook and had shown his Aadhar card at the counter.

The police traced the man via Facebook and obtained his address from one of his friends on facebook. After obtaining his residential address, the police arrested him from his house in Pune and got him to Kandivali police station where all the cheques were recovered.

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