Police arrest landlord for secretly taking videos of paying guests

On December 19, police arrested the landlord for allegedly making videos with the help of an adaptor which was fitted in the girl's room. Along with seizing the adapter, police also seized the landlord's laptop

  • Police arrest landlord for secretly taking videos of paying guests

Mumbai police have arrested a landlord for secretly shooting videos of girls staying as paying guests in his apartment. Police have seized an adapter in which a spy camera was fitted along with the landlord’s laptop in which all the videos and pictures of the girls were saved.

According to police, the victims had been living in the same house for more than a year with a 47-year-old landlord in Mumbai’s Girgaon area but in the last few days, the accused was trying to mimic conversations that girls had in their private spaces.

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Initially, girls thought he might have overheard them but the accused mimicked their conversations again. The girls became suspicious and found an adapter fitted in their room which was of no use. The landlord had told them that the adapter was an antenna booster for his TV. They covered it with their handkerchief. When they did, the landlord asked them to remove it.  

Girls looked for it on the internet and realised that such cameras were easily available online. 

The victims then filed a police complaint at DB road police station. On December 19, the police arrested the accused under the related provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act. Further investigation is underway.