16-year-old boys sexually abuse and murder a 10-year-old

The accused were sent to children remand home at Dongri and have been booked under sections 302, 364A, 377 of the Indian Penal Code


In an unfortunate incident, a 10-year-old lost his life after resisting sexual abuse. He was murdered by three 16-year old boys who first sexually abused him, murdered him and then locked his dead body in a suitcase in order to discard it at a nearby nullah. All the accused have been sent to children remand home at Dongri and have been booked under sections 302, 364A, 377 of the Indian Penal Code for kidnapping, murder, unnatural sex, destroying murder evidence and filed a case under the POCSO Act.

10-year-old Abdul Khan (name changed) was studying in the fifth standard and used to reside in LBS Nagar at Saki Naka. Two days ago, Khan’s two neighbours took him to their house under the pretext of playing. There was another boy who was waiting for them to arrive. After watching porn, they molested Khan. When he started screaming for help, they threatened him and later changed their mind eventually killing him by strangulating his neck. They accused then discarded his body in a nearby nullah in order to destroy the evidence, 

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Meanwhile, when Khan did not arrive home, his worried parents filed a complaint at the police station. This bothered the accused and knowing about the same, they threated calls to Khan’s father for ransom. Meanwhile, police were looking out for the accused. While investigating, police searched CDR of the mobile number which was used for threatening and they found it active in Saki Naka area, where they arrested the boy. He was taken into custody for further questioning.

He admitted that he made threatening phone calls on the orders of the another accused, who surprisingly was helping Khan's father in searching his son.

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