Local train hooliganism continues as man gets beaten up while trying to get in

The incident took place on Friday, when commuters standing near the door beat up the victim


Be it Central Railway or Western Railway, there are a set of people who travel in groups and bully other commuters. Recently, a reporter was beaten up by a group in a running local train near Nalasopara. After filing a police complaint, action was taken against bully commuters.

Likewise, one such incident took place on Friday, at Diva, when a commuter while boarding a train was beaten up by the commuters who were standing at the door.

On Friday, a man name Vinayak Chavhan tried boarding CSTM-bound train from Diva when he suffered blows from the fellow commuters. Chavhan suffered injuries on his face and is admitted to a local hospital. Meanwhile, Thane police is investigating the case.

According to the police, Chavhan was boarding a 8:39 am CSTM-bound train from Diva. While he tried boarding the train, commuters standing near the door stopped him and beat him up.

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