Shocking! Man pushes pregnant wife off running train

After the incident, the lady was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors said that the foetus was safe whereas the mother sustained some injuries

Shocking! Man pushes pregnant wife off running train

In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old pregnant lady was pushed off a moving train by her husband. However, the woman luckily survived. At the time of this incident, the train was moving from Dahisar and Mira Road stations and its speed was very slow.

The accused, Sagar Dhodi, a 25-year-old had an argument with his second wife, Rani and it was in regards to the foetus. According to Rani, she is six months pregnant and her husband did not want the baby. It is in between this argument that Dhodi pushed her off the train.

Police stated that Sagar has been booked for attempted murder and criminal intimidation. Meanwhile, the police added that he had an affair with Rani while was still married to his first wife. After the first wife learned about the relationship, she left Dhodi and he went on to tie a knot with Rani.

When he learned that Rani was pregnant, he told her that he did not want a child. Fed up with his behaviour, Rani left for her maternal home. Soon, Sagar went to meet her and asked her to accompany him to his friend's house in Nalasopara. After which, they boarded a Virar local from Borivli. 

Currently, Rani and her baby are both safe, even though she has sustained some minor injuries. After Rani recovers, she has decided that she will be staying with her mother. The accused is on the run and police are conducting an investigation.