17-year-old girl raped for several months

17-year-old girl raped for several months

A heart-wrenching incident has emerged in Kurar area in Malad. In the locality, a 17-year-old girl was being gang raped for several months. Her father's friend has raped her in lieu of providing assistance. The father of a 17-year-old girl from Triveni Nagar died two years ago.

Babu Mandal (42) and Jagarnath Panda (35) took advantage of the girl's compulsion and raped her for several months after taking advantage of her father's death. This was disclosed when the girl suddenly began to feel pain in her stomach and the girl started vomiting. After which the girl's mother took the girl to the hospital, where the doctor examined through sonography that the girl is a 7-month pregnant.

As soon as the case was revealed, the girl's mother lodged a complaint with the Kurar police station. The Kurar police station has arrested both the accused in the case under section 376D and POCSO Act 4,8, 12 of IPC.

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