Police inspector remains absent for 10 years, yet gets his full salary

Senior police officials have ordered a departmental inquiry against Balu Kanade who remained absent for 10 years. He resumed his duties in 2015, but remained absent again.


When it comes to law, it is expected that everyone gets equal and fair justice. However, the same is not being followed in Mumbai police department where seniors are seen favouring few policemen, despite their poor performance.

Police officer Dnyaneshwar Ahirrao, who is working at the Marol police station, had a duty to guard Matoshree Bungalow in Dadar. He went on three days leave to visit his native place from March 20 to March 22  On his way back to Mumbai, his wife met with an accident and fractured her leg. Ahirrao informed his seniors that he will not be able to make it to office owing to his wife’s ill health.

However, when he resumed his duty from March 28, his senior officials informed him that he would not get his salary as he extended his days of leaves, even though, Ahirrao had pending leaves. Distressed Ahirrao then wrote to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and governor seeking permission to beg with a police uniform. When this letter went viral and was featured by various news channels, Ahirrao was suspended.

On the other hand, Mumbai Live got to know that the same police officers were paying full salary to police constable Ashok Balu Kanade who remained absent for 10 years. For the last decade, buckle no. 19565 police constable Ashok Balu Kanade remained absent. In 2006, he started working with protection security department and rarely used to perform his duties. Despite this, he continued getting full salary.

In 2015, Kanade returned and resumed his duty at the security department. When his senior police inspectors came to know about his act, in order to cover their fault, they sent him to JJ Hospital for a body check-up and then shifted him to Dadar police station. But, Kanade continued to remain absent again. When this information was submitted to senior police officials, they ordered a departmental inquiry. It seems that in a bid to save their skin, senior police officials are trying hard to stop his pension as he is scheduled to retire on May 30, 2018.

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