Mumbai: Senior Citizen Deceived Of INR 4 Lakh

An individual, posing to be an army man, deceived a senior citizen of, Rs 4 lakh on the pretext of seeking to rent his flat.

Mumbai: Senior Citizen Deceived Of INR 4 Lakh

From Powai in Mumbai, a senior citizen was defrauded of approximately Rs 4 lakh by a con man who posed to be from the army. The imposter contacted the senior citizen, after the latter placed an online advertisement on a real estate site, seeking to rent his flat in Thane.

The said events transpired on July 18, when the cheater, who called himself, Subedar Major Zora Singh, connected with the retired 66-year-old company executive. He continued the conversation, stating that he was looking to rent the flat. He further elaborated on how he was ready to deposit Rs 2 lakh and give Rs 35,000 monthly rent.

The fraudster then asked the senior citizen to transfer him Rs 50,000 in order to activate his Army Merchant Card Account, to facilitate the transaction. However, even upon doing so, the man claimed to have not received the money. He then asked him to additionally send Rs 49,000 which again the man complied with.

Post this, the con man called the senior citizen and claimed to have transferred Rs 4 lakh. However, on realising that this wasn’t done, the man called Singh. But the phone was switched off. Considering what had happened, the man decided to file a complaint.

The Mumbai police, according to narratives have mentioned how they are seeking the account details of the cheater and have requested the concerned bank to freeze transactions. Based on call data records, the authorities are attempting to trace him, state reports.

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