Kandivali - You can't catch a chicken, but you can steal one.

Not just one but 117 at one go!!!

On 13 January, early morning around 3.11 am, a person stole 117 chickens from Aslam Ismail Kureshi's poultry shop located in Damu Nagar, Kandivali. This theft was carried out under the nose of the Samta Nagar police station.

A truck supplying chicken stopped outside the shop and the thief escaped from the spot with 117 chickens... Aslam reported the matter to Samta Nagar police station. The whole robbery has been captured in the CCTV footage. Few days before, 200 chickens were stolen from Manik Bhai's shop nearby. Meanwhile, the case has been lodged in Samta Nagar police station under IPC section 461 and 379.