Railway ticket agents active at ticket counters


LTT- Reservation counters for mail trains are always chock a block with people queuing for tickets. Add to that, agents too throng these counters to prey on ignorant customers at booking counters.

They generally look out for people who are desparate for tickets, cancellation or illerate customers.

Sanjiv Bajaj is one such ticket exchange agent.  The modus operandi of these agents is to help these customers fill form and use their personal details for other purposes.

For example, Bajaj caught up with this man who had come to cancel his ticket to Guwahati. Instead of cancelling his ticket, Sanjiv Bajaj and gang exchanged his ticket with somebody else. The victim was handed over another ticket to Lucknow instead of money. The vicitm approached the GRP and narrated them his story. GRP immediately arrested Bajaj, the GRP is investigating the matter. 


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