Government officials heckle us: 26/11 victim

Sushila Ughade lost her husband in 26/11 attack and after 5 years, lost her elder son

Government officials heckle us: 26/11 victim

26/11 attack was one of the gruesome attacks Mumbai city faced. Many lost their loved ones and the pain was irreversible.

In the memory of the cowardly attack, Mumbai Live spoke to a family who not only lost their sole earning member in 26/11 attack but in later years, lost their elder son as well.

Ughade family who lives in Sion cannot shake off the terrifying memories of 26/11 who took away their loved one. Baban Ughade was working as a security guard with the Cama Hospital. On the day of the attack, when terrorists started firing at Cama hospital, Baban lost his life. He was survived by his wife Sushila and three children. After Baban’s death, his elder son Vilas got the job at Cama Hospital.

This was just the beginning of the end...

Ughade family was relieved when the elder son got the job, however, the happiness did not last long. When the family learned to deal with hardships, Vilas died after five years in January 2013 due to illness. After his death, the state government assured the family that they would hire deceased’s younger brother. It is been four years, nothing has been done yet.

No one earns in our family, I feel so helpless. It is been four years, my younger son is still waiting for the call from government officials. Initially, we used to get respect but now officials heckle us,” Sushila Ughade.

Every year, when 26/11 approaches, Sushila feels that this particular year will end her sorrows and government officials will call her son for a job. 

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