Mumbai - A xerox shop in the vicinity of a chartered accountant's office turned out to be the key to the burglary of over Rs 75 lakh that had taken place in the CA's office on Dr. Kavasaji Street on 4 October. 

Police interrogated staff at Mahesh Thanvi's office and discovered that some employees had mentioned the large amount of cash in the office to the xerox shop owner, who in turn shared the information with his friends in Rajasthan. Police traced the trail of the money by despatching teams to Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Pune and arrested six people and recovered Rs 11 lakh from them. Those involved in the robbery were Shravan Rawal (24), Kishor Gahlot 920), Diprao Mali (23), Modak Singh Rajput (21) and Kailash Vaishnav (21).

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