Korean tourist molested for mistaking a street food vendor as a porter

Another shameful act of molestation of a South Korean tourist causes Mumbai to hang its head low


Cases of molestation have been on a shocking increase in Mumbai lately. Recently, the Mumbai police arrested Ramesh Ghogare, an egg vendor for molesting a South Korean tourist. The victim was a 30-year-old tourist visa holder and had flown in from Delhi.  She had checked in at Hotel Silver Moon located in the Paydhonie area in South Mumbai on Thursday.

After arriving at the venue, she handed her bag to Ghogare’s and asked him to carry it up her room, thinking of him as an employee of the hotel. As they reached the room, Ghogare started the eve-teasing episode and molested her when she was about to use the bathroom. Reacting to this, the lady raised an alarm as Ghogare fled from the scene.

The victim filed a police complaint at the Paydhonie Police station soon after the encounter. The police analysed the CCTV footage of the Hotel and arrested the molester.