Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter Case: CBI special acquits all 22 accused due to “no proof of fake encounter”

BJP President Amit Shah, one of the accused in Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, was acquitted of all the charges in 2014


Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) special court on Friday morning acquitted all 22 accused in the Sohrabuddin encounter case while hearing the matter in Mumbai. It has been alleged that gangster Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife, Kauser Bi were killed in an alleged fake encounter in the year 2005. 

All the accused were also acquitted from the charges of being involved in the alleged fake encounter of Sohrabuddin’s associate, Tulsiram Prajapati, in the year 2006. While hearing the matter in special court, Justice SJ Sharma said that the party failed to provide any 'substantive evidence',  prove any charge against the accused and “there was no proof of the fake encounter.”

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah was also listed as an accused of the alleged crime. Shah was the state Home Minister during the time Sohrabuddin and his wife were killed. However, he was acquitted of all charges in the year 2014. Further, 21 out of the 22 accused in the matter were from the police department. 

In its charge sheet, CBI had 38 names of the alleged accused in this case and the special court had earlier, acquitted 16 people including Amit Shah, Former Rajasthan Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria, former Gujarat Police chief PC Pandey, and Senior Gujarat police officer DG Vanjara.

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As per the recent event, the court admitted that the murder was going to be shot, but it was not proved that any of the 22 accused was shot, and hence they have been acquitted by the CBI Special Court.

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