Know How Your Smart TV Can Be Hacked

With an increasing number of cybercrimes, one should ensure that they do not fall prey to it in any way.

Know How Your Smart TV Can Be Hacked

New age digitisation has come with a boom and has offered various advancements. However, every coin has two sides and similarly, the installation of Smart TV has some pros and cons as well. Here's how a third person can hack your Smart TV and how you could avoid it: 

Webcams are now installed in Smart TVs to facilitate video calling and video conferencing however, just with softwares like P2PLivecam, a third person can see what's happening in the room.  The software can have real-time access to a person who is watching the TV and the other person won't even know about it. The software further has features like recording which can further record exactly what will be shown on the software screen. 

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Following are the steps you can follow to avoid your Smart TV from being hacked: 

1. Don't install unknown apps on Smart TV.

2. If you suspect that your hotel room Smart TV has a camera, keep the main TV plug switched off during confidential talks or any private moments.

3. If for some reason you cannot switch off the main TV plug then cover the TV screen with some cloth. 

4. Especially while spending your private moments keep the hotel lights switched off. This will be helpful even if there are other cameras installed in the room as the video quality will be very less.

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5. An infrared camera can record even in the darkness and if you feel that there can be a similar camera in the room then just switch off the lights in the room and check the entire room with your phone camera. If you spot any light which wasn't visible to your naked eye then there could be an infrared camera installed there. 

6. Utilize the firewalls on your Smart TV and network router.

7. Disconnect the internet. When your Smart TV is not in use, disconnect it from the internet so hackers cannot access the device.

By the following the above steps, you can indeed protect yourself and your family from hacking. With an increasing number of cybercrimes, one should ensure that they do not fall prey for it in any way. 

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