Thane Crime Branch arrest three men for smuggling Whale’s vomit worth ₹20 Crore!

After getting a lead regarding the smuggling, the crime branch seized Pangolin's skin and Whale's Vomit also known as "ambergris"


Thane Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested three people in Thane and claimed to have busted a major racket of smuggling rare endangered species of wild animals. The three accused are Kashinath Tukaram Pawar (50), Dilip Mahadev Birje (49), and Dnyaneshwar Govind More (40).

Police caught them carrying Pangolin’s skin and Whale’s vomit known as “ambergris” and seized the smuggled items which are worth ₹20.2 crore in the market. The arrested have been sent to police custody till October 6.

Thane Crime Branch got a lead that the three accused around 2:00 PM on Tuesday were travelling in a Toyota car with the smuggled items to an unknown location. The police, however, caught the them at Kalwa’s Kharegaon and seized the smuggled items after searching the car. 

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The accused had 6 kg of Pangolin skin and 11 kg of Whale’s vomit worth ₹20 lakh and ₹20 crore, respectively. Police are further investigating the matter. Ambergris is very hard to get and is mostly used by perfume companies and by pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, it has a very high selling price in the market.

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