On Monday night, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar was arrested in an extortion case by encounter specialist and anti-extortion cell’s senior police inspector Pradeep Sharma. However, this raises only one question. Is underworld still active in Mumbai?

When Thane Police investigated Kaskar, he said that 10 to 15 builders were on Dawood’s target. Amongst these, some builders gave away the money and some were receiving threats. 

Jewellers, corporators on target
Along with builders, jewelers of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai were on target. Kaskar extorted money from some while bought 3 a BHK  apartment in the form of extortion money from one builder.

We are still investigating the case and if we get any evidence against Dawood, then we will file complaint against him"
Parambir Singh, Thane Police COmmissioner

Why was Iqbal Kaskar arrested?
In 2013, one builder purchased land in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. He started constructing on the same when Kaskar found out about him. With the help of few other builders, Kaskar claimed that he had purchased the land and asked the builder to give away four flats and INR 30 lakh as a settlement. He threatened the builder with murder and didn’t stop there, Kaskar’s aides threatened the builder on the site as well. 

As per the settlement, the builder gave away one flat and INR 30 lakh to Kaskar but the threats continued and the builder filed a complaint against Kaskar.

The encounter specialist and the anti-extortion cell’s senior police inspector Pradeep Sharma was handling this case. On September 18, Pradeep Sharma and his team left for Mumbai and arrested Iqbal and his close aides from his sister, Haseena Parkar's house. After showing up in court, Iqbal Kaskar and his close aides have been remanded to 8 days of police custody.

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