Two Accused Of Dangerous Crimes Escape Covid-19 Centre At Govandi

A case has been registered at Shivajinagar police station and the cops are searching for the accused through the CCTV footage.

Two Accused Of Dangerous Crimes Escape Covid-19 Centre At Govandi

Maharashtra has been the worst-hit state in the country with a total of 2,84,281 coronavirus cases recorded till now. The prevalence of coronavirus has also started to increase rapidly in the state prison. A few days ago, 596 prisoners in the state and 181 in Mumbai were found to be infected with coronavirus. Recently, two individuals accused of dangerous crimes have managed to escape a Covid-19 centre in Shivaji Nagar at Govandi.

The two accused are Santosh Mehraj Tivrekar (20), and Irfan Shakir Ali Khan (19). Tivrekar is accused of attempted murder and Khan, on the other hand, is accused of raping a minor girl. Tivrekar was arrested by the cops on June 29 and Khan, the other accused was arrested by the police on July 1. Last week, both the accused started showing symptoms of coronavirus while they were still in police custody. They were later diagnosed as asymptomatic and following the doctor’s advice, both of them were kept in the isolation room no. 602 in Shivaji Nagar at Govandi.

During this time, two security guards were appointed by the police to keep an eye on them. However, due to safety issues, these guards were placed outside of the Covid-19 centre. Taking advantage of the situation, the two accused decided to escape the Covid-19 centre. The duo broke the lock of their isolation room and fled away at midnight on July 13. 

The situation came to light the next morning when the staff of the Covid-19 facility had come to the duo's room to give them breakfast. The two security guards were immediately informed about it and a case was registered at the Shivaji Nagar police station. A search for the accused is now underway with the help of the CCTV footage. 

Both the individuals on the run have been accused of dangerous crimes and now also have the deadly coronavirus symptoms. A senior official from Shivaji Nagar police station has said that the police force is working hard to track them down as soon as possible. 



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