Two minors raped in one day

    Two minors raped in one day
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    It seems that the waves of jitters sent by the Nirbhaya rape case and its verdict were not enough to ring a bell in the people’s minds. Worse still, while one incident of rape gets the whole nation shaking, on the other hand, two little girls get raped in Mumbai, which is known to be one of the safest cities in the nation. An alarming case of two minor girls aged 4 and 10, getting raped within the range of two different police stations of Vasai Taluka of Palghar district has come to the fore.  

    Turns out that a four year old of while playing in the compound of a building situated in the area of Moregaon went crying to her home complaining of an acute pain. On taking the kid to a family doctor, who informed that the girl has injuries on her private parts. But, the incident that the kid recounted when asked by the doctor and the mother got both of them completely terrified and bewildered. The girl said that their neighbour’s son Vikas (imaginary name, 12) has molested me. The mother has filed a case against the accused in a local police station

    Police have filed a case against the accused under the section of 376 under the POSCO act and is now making further investigations. Similarly, another incident happened in the area of Nalasopara West, wherein a 57 year old guy raped a 10 year old girl by luring her into a secluded building by offering her a chocolate. The mother of the victim has now filed a complaint in a local police station. The police has therefore filed a case under the sections of 376, 2 (T), 377 Co-termination of sex crime protection act 2012 of 3, 4, 8 against the accused.

    Sub-inspector S.B. Kamble, investigating the case said the accused for the rape of the 10 year old girl has been arrested and was presented in the Vasai Court today. The judge has ordered to keep the accused in police custody till 23 May. The case is being further investigated by the police.

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