18 packets of weed seized at Churchgate

    18 packets of weed seized at Churchgate
    Mumbai  -  

    Smoking the “Mary J” (marijuana) is growing common in Mumbai these days. Getting your hands on some “stuff” could be easy as people have found their “contacts” and know spots across the city which sells you weed. One such contact was arrested in Churchgate.

    A woman was arrested selling pot around a college in Churchgate. Malan Venkatesh Kale, a 40-year-old woman was arrested on Thursday.

    A search-party was organised in Churchgate around colleges and the police came across this contact who had 18 packets of weed, weighing 30 gm each (Woah!)

    A case has been registered against her.

    I’m sure all her customers must be disappointed and heartbroken as their weekend plan got seized.

    On a serious note, Say NO to drugs!

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