Mantralaya or Suicide Spot? Another case comes up as woman tries to commit suicide

The woman tried to file a complaint against her harasser but the police did not take any action


The incidents of attempting suicide in Mantralaya premises have been increasing, from farmers to people suffering from any other issue.  

In a similar incident on Thursday, a woman tried to commit suicide by setting herself on fire outside Mantralaya’s front gate. She tried to commit suicide because a man in her neighbourhood was troubling her. However, the police detained her before she could kill herself.

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According to sources, the woman living in Chembur’s RCF has alleged that a person named Sayyed Mohammad Ansari has been troubling her for many days.

The woman complained about the same to RCF police but the police did not take any action. Worried with the same, the woman visited the home department in Mantralaya and she was not allowed to enter the premises.

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