Maharudra Shiv Yagna- A panacea for peace, progress, and prosperity

Maharudra Shiv Yagna- A panacea for peace, progress, and prosperity

The roll call of human sufferings, both manmade and natural, appears to be gaining ground globally. And the question that has gripped us all is what could be the solution to tide over the wave of woes facing the entire humanity.

Without a doubt, the answer lies in greater affinity towards spirituality.

Fusing the elements of science, spirituality, and ecology to defeat the negative forces that threaten mankind, a grand Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna is scheduled to be performed over a period of seven days, from February 15, 2018, up to February 22, 2018, at the Patni grounds, Airoli in Navi Mumbai.

The unique spiritual conclave, conceptualized and curated by 'Yaag Dharmik Sansthan' from Thane, will be graced by hundreds of leading lights on matters of spirituality from famed monasteries or maths and a host of Vedic gurus and Maha Rishis from across the nation.

"The Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna performed to worship Lord Shiva, the destroyer of all evil and the protector, is aimed to synchronize the rhythm of work, prayer, and spirituality for the collective well-being of our civilization and our bio-diversity. The chanting of mantras around the Agni or the holy fire is very soulful and a meditative experience to attain inner peace and overall prosperity and progress,’’ explained Kedar Joshi, secretary of Yaag Dharmik Sansthan.

The Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna will be performed by a battalion of Vedic scholars who will assemble inside the largest-ever pandal at the Patni grounds and preside over the elaborate poojas and chant mantras sitting across the 101 'Havankunds' or holy fire pits to be lit up every day over the entire seven-day spiritual journey.

The Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna is the first-of-its-kind confluence of spiritual leaders in the Mumbai-Thane region, and will closely resemble the gathering at the Kumbh celebrations in Nasik or Allahabad

"It will be a miniature version of the Kumbh Mela and a wonderful spiritual treat for the seekers. Arrangements are being made to provide free food packets to the 20,000-plus visitors each day, besides ensuring that hassle-free traffic management and other basic essentials," said Mandar Vaidya, president of Yaag Dharmik Sansthan.

Kedar Joshi clarified that the Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna is our cultural inheritance and aimed to integrate life, nature, and cosmos through prayers, meditation, and spiritual rituals.

Kedar Joshi said the so-called modern society in the present days, in spite of the cutting edge technological tools and economic prosperity, is extremely fragmented and lonely. The Gen Z today is battling depression. Families are re-connected but emotionally disconnected. Strife, struggle, stress, and suffering is the common bane individually and in the larger context, the nation-state as a whole faces the same situation.

"The need of the time is to create compassion, humility, and selflessness. The only way to do secure these goals is to follow the path showed by our culture and the Vedic scriptures. We have to nurture, nourish and inspire our young generation to stay rooted in our sacred culture and the Maha Rudra Shiva Yagna offers the solution amidst the confusion and disorder," Joshi echoed.

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