Podar Enigma 2018: The escapade to begin on August 23

Podar college's Enigma is a four-day cultural inter-collegiate festival which will be happening from August 23 to August 26 consisting of several competitive events.

Podar Enigma 2018: The escapade to begin on August 23

R.A. Podar College of Commerce & Science’s cultural festival Enigma is all set to kick off its 2018 escapade. Just like others, Enigma is an interactive festival with a ton of interesting events that will mesmerise every student. However, what sets Podar’s Enigma apart from other cultural festivals, is the four-day eccentric journey it takes you on.

Named Enigma Escapade, the 2018 inter-collegiate festival consists of several literary art events along with performing arts events and other various events from music to dance, from quizzes to sports resulting into an escapade for the participants. Alongside, Enigma 2018 also boasts of a footfall of more than 20,000 participants from several colleges.

The wait for Enigma ends soon as the college festival begins on August 23 and will boast of its entertainment-rich events from August 23-August 26. Other than the above-mentioned activities, the celebrities visiting the festival is another reason why Enigma is a favourite amongst the youngsters. Here are some glimpses:


It's time for all the students to hold tight and get ready for the fight this year's Podar Enigma as it promises to be better than the previous years' festival. For more details, check out their Facebook and Instagram page.

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