NCPA presents Nrityaparichay - A boost to India’s Cultural Legacy

NCPA presents Nrityaparichay - A boost to India’s Cultural Legacy


National Centre for Performing Arts, India's premier cultural institution has restored their CSR initiative “Nrityaparichay”. A three days programme, Nrityaparichay took place on 11th, 14th & 15th March at NCPA and showcased an array of different dance forms performed by underprivileged students from various schools across Mumbai.

Dance plays an important part of the Indian culture and tradition and thus, Nrityaparichay was an attempt by the NCPA to create awareness about the classical/folk dances of our country to the children. Since its inception in 2014, the Head of Dance Programming of NCPA Ms. Swapnokalpa Dasgupta provides training folk dance training to underprivileged children.

 Apart from the training, students are also provided with a rich understanding of the traditions and customs of the dance form’s place of origin. The programme also encompasses visits to the NCPA to watch dance performances by renowned artistes and provide necessary exposure in terms of technicality in relation to dance. A total of three dance forms including a martial art form are taught in a period of one year, culminating with a stage performance by the students at the NCPA. With successful programmes since last 2 years, the NCPA currently has projects running across five schools in Mumbai supported by leading companies. The students of many programme perform on a regular basis with their teachers in recognised dance festivals.

Commenting on the same, NCPA Dance head Swapnokalpa Dasgupta said “Our goal is to promote the significance of art and culture and keep our heritage intact by educating the students about different types of classical, folk and other dance forms in the country through Nrityaparichay. Since its inception, we are planning to expand our horizons by creating awareness and reaching out to as many schools as possible. As part of the programme children learn dance, visit the NCPA to watch world-class performances by great artistes, watch young and upcoming artistes conduct lecture demonstartions at their school for them and also at the end of the year they get to perform at the NCPA. The aim is to make these schools self-sustainable after a few years of dance training so that one of these kids who are training with us now would return to the school as a dance teacher. Many of the children are starting to train in classical dance after 2 years of training in folk. We look forward to that time when each of these schools would have dance teachers trained under this programme spreading the joy of movement to many more.”

 On 11th March, Across 150 students from three different schools – Dharmveer Sambhaji Vidyalaya from Vikhroli, Dyandeep Sevamandal from Nerul, and Baljeevan Trust from Vakola showcased an evening of folk dances and martial art forms from around the country including Fisher folk of Maharashtra Koli, Mallakhamb, Mayurbhanj Chhau of Odisha, a classical performance in Kathak will be showcased by the students, Jogva from Maharashtra, Garba from Gujarat and vyam (exercises) from Kerala at NCPA’s Tata Theatre

 On 14th March, 120 students from Green Lawns English High School, Powai, presented a total of four dance forms. Level 2 of the Manipuri traditional dances was be presented, namely Manjiranartan, a dance with cymbals in the tradition of devotional singing and dancing in praise of Radha and Krishna; Thang Ta--"The Art of the Sword and Spear"--is the traditional martial art of Manipur in Northeast India.   It integrates various external weapons -the sword, spear, dagger, etc. with the internal practice of physical control through soft movements coordinated with the rhythms of breathing.  It is part of the great heroic tradition of Manipur. They also showcased ‘Pung Cholam’-is a unique classical dance of Manipur. This dance is usually being performed by men or women and is a prelude to the Ras Lila.

On 15th March, having started their training in Jul last year, the students of Holy Mother High School, Malad, presented three folk dances, namely Rajasthani Mela Dance from Rajasthan, Maharashtrian Folk and Kalaripayattu from Kerala at NCPA’s Experimental Theatre.

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