Shivamani and Jaspinder Narula's Musical Night

Dr. Jaspinder Narula and Shivamani will be performing at an event that will be organised by Ashok Kacker and Dinesh Ghate's Swar Aalap.

  • Shivamani and Jaspinder Narula's Musical Night

Swar Aalap which is founded by Dinesh Ghate with an aim of felicitating and providing a stage to 'instrumental heroes', has joined hands with passionate melophile Ashok Kacker to initiate yet another, musical night. The musical night 'Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha' was held on Saturday, November 9 at Bal Gandharv Rang Mandir in Bandra where Jaspinder Narula and Shivamani performed together. 

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The evening showcased Indian aesthetic voice- Jaspinder Narula and the energised rhythmic patterns of Shivamani. Talking about what Indian aesthetic means to her, Jaspinder Narula said, 

Music is divine for me and I have always tried to revive the raga's and India's folklore and folktales. I have sung at various concerts across the globe, but when it comes to Hindustani Classic music of India, there's nothing that is even close.

Talking about his collaboration with Swar Aalap, Ashok Kacker said, 

Swar Aalap and I have an association of over a decade. As one of the most versatile and innovative company they have always looked upon each musician as a shining star and we are glad to have this opportunity again to come up with 'Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha'.

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Talking about his brainchild Swar Aalap which was founded in 2002, Dinesh Ghate said,

Everyone claps and remembers the melodies sung by Lata Mangeshkar or Kishor Kumar, but no one remembers the musicians who have an equal contribution for creating these masterpieces in the music industry. They toil for years but there are awards only for the singers, music composers and music directors. With an aim to facilitate these talents, I started Swar Aalap that gave them a platform to come forward and display their work in front of everyone. We will come up with many such concerts in the near future as well. 

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