Makers of 'Ghost' release the first song 'Dil Maang Raha Hai'

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's upcoming film has impressed the audience and created buzz among the fraternity. Owing to the popular demand, the makers of Ghost have released the first song 'Dil Maang Raha Hai' well ahead of time.

Makers of 'Ghost' release the first song 'Dil Maang Raha Hai'

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt knows his ways around the horror genre like no one else does. The director has showcased his vision, talent, and expertise at horror with every franchise he has taken on. His upcoming film titled Ghost is already creating waves amongst the industry and audiences and on popular demand, the makers have been compelled to release the first song 3 days in advance.

The trailer of Ghost launched on Monday and viewers were mighty impressed with the tune of the love song titled Dil Maang Raha Hai. Fanclubs around the world have been writing in asking for the director to release the song soon. 

Talking about the same, Vikram Bhatt said, "It is overwhelming and heart-warming to see the response the trailer has got. We weren't planning on releasing the song until Friday but with audiences have asked for it sooner so we have to oblige. Nothing matters more to me than what my viewers want. I hope they like the track as much they liked it in the trailer."

Yasser Desai, the singer of the much-awaited track, added, "A love song in a horror film is not the most common thing and it required a different kind of approach. Working with a seasoned director like Vikram Bhatt made it a whole lot easier to visualise and sing the song. Sanaya is a complete natural in the video."

Dil Maang Raha Hai Maulat is a love tune sung by Yasser Desai and composed by Sanjeev Darshan. Vikram Bhatt shared that the idea of Ghost came to him when he read a newspaper article about how a British court allowed a matter involving spirits to be tried. He was intrigued and decided to channel his energy into this film.

Ghost, A Vashu Bhagnani production, directed by Vikram Bhatt will release in cinemas on 18 October.