The future is bright, the future is regional: Kunal Rao

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, Stand-up comedian and content creator, Kunal Rao talks about his set on the new Amazon Prime Video special and shares thought on various aspects of the same.

The future is bright, the future is regional: Kunal Rao

The rise and demand in digital medium has brought the best time for Stand-up comedians. Several aspiring comedians and content creators, have begun using their pen to convey their thoughts on several topics. With OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others, content creators have now gotten the best opportunity to shine.

Besides YouTube, Amazon Prime Video has become one of the popular destinations for audience to watch different sets curated by their favourite comedians. The team at the OTT platform recently released a format where several popular names from their world of comedy are going to present their sets to a LIVE audience. Among the league of comedians is Kunal Rao, who interacted with regarding his stand-up special, and shared his thoughts on different aspects of the format.

Talking about the thoughts behind writing this set, Kunal said, "The idea was to talk about what I was going through at that time. So it ended up being a mid-life crisis show! I did also add some older bits I had written before that I felt went well with the theme of this show. Overall, I wanted the special to feel like one single unit – an hour that captures a story, a period, an emotion. I also really wanted to change the way we see comedy. There’s as much comedy in sadness and existentialism as there is in politics and marriage."

Sharing his  journey of becoming a stand up comedian, he said, "By chance! An old college friend of mine, Sorabh Pant, introduced me to it at an open mic and there was no looking back from there. I got lucky by being at the right place at the right time. Comedy took a huge upswing and I happened to be part of it."

It is said that making one laugh is the most difficult job of an artiste. The same stand true for both an actor or a content creator. In today's time becoming a stand-up comedian isn't easy. It comes with its own difficulties and challenges. Adding his thought on most difficult part of being a stand-up comedian, he said, "Just one? That’s unfair! Well, then I’d have to say – not quitting! Every single day comedians have to actively choose to remain being one, because if we don’t do this every day, then we’ll just give up and retire into some holiday home in Panchgini! Which we won’t be able to afford. So we’ll take up a jobs as labourers building the very homes we have to live in! It gets dark. Next question."

As mentioned the future of stand up comedy is shining. Doors have opened for many content creators, and they are making the best use of it. Concluding the conversation with sharing his thoughts on the future of stand up comedy, Kunal said, "The future is bright, the future is regional! Regional language comedy is the future. Comedians will have their own niches, and audiences will have their favourite comedians. And could become a little narrow-visioned. But that’s a risk we have no control over. With the internet growing so rapidly, it’ll get harder for newer comedians to break out and make it big. But hey! That’s life!"