Mission over Mars M O M Review: An inspiring story, very well packaged

Mission over Mars M O M Review: An inspiring story, very well packaged

Cast: Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh, and Palomi Ghosh

Created and Developed by Ekta Kapoor

Written by Sambit Mishra

Rating: 4/5

Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Productions are masters of storytelling when it comes to love stories or even kitchen politics, so it was hard to imagine them coming out with a webseries about ISRO’s space mission to Mars. However, they have managed to do the unimaginable and done it well. In nutshell, Mission Over Mars (M-O-M) is an ode to the four women that worked tirelessly to make India’s Mars Mission possible.

AltBalaji has pivoted the story to include the personal lives of these four women and how they had to rise over the bureaucratic bottlenecks to make this dream a reality.  The story begins with ISA failure in Chandravimaan mission and the entire blame falls on the shoulders of aka Moushumi Ghosh aka Mona Singh. Sakshi Tanwar, on the other hand, plays Program Director, Nandita Hariprasad.

The contrast in these two characters has been brought out very efficiently in the story-telling. Interestingly, Moushumi and Nandita are both mothers in the webseries and are constantly juggling to balance their work as a scientist and their responsibilities as mothers. On the work front, Moushumi is a go-getter and will drive her team mad to get her work done but at home, she is a mom who forgets when her only daughter’s birthday. Nandita is very disciplined and calm in her work approach but as a mom, she clones her 18-year old son’s phone to keep a tab on him.

Mona Singh is truly on the top of her game in this webseries. One can see her passion, her aggression, her need to excel and beat China in the space race Junoon effortlessly. The way she has brought to life the character of Moushumi is just amazing. She is well supported by Sakshi Tanwar.

Palomi Ghosh as Megan is endearing to say the least. Some of the fun scenes of this webseries revolve around her and her quirks are not to be missed. Lastly, there is Neetu Sinha played by Nidhi Singh, who is a staunch follower of astrology. She may not be confident enough to put her point across but she cannot go wrong with her maths. This is the only character that we have not been able to relate with so far. As the character graph seems to be not so clear in the first five episodes and her intimate scenes with her husband seem forced and lack chemistry.

Since the story is about India's mission to Mars, we expected the storytelling to be a little drab and a lot of drama at the time of launch. However, we were so surprised with the crisp execution of that episode. Sure there are a couple of scenes that have a little extra doze of drama but you are hooked to the series till the very end. 

Mission Over Mars (M-O-M) is an inspiring webseries that offers a judicious mix of drama, humour and emotion.

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