National Award Winner Amit Phalke in short film 'To the Terrorist with Love'

National Award Winner Amit Phalke in short film 'To the Terrorist with Love'

Are you wondering how both these two words co-exist in the same sentence? Who writes anything to the terrorist with love?

This film is a tribute to all Mumbaikars who left their workplaces on July 11, 2006, evening but could not make it to their homes and also a reality check to those who think terrorism has a religion.11 minutes, 7 places, 209 deaths and 714 injuries! Neither did anyone caught up in this catastrophe understand the reason for this bloodbath nor could one stop it. The only option available to them was to just stay still and pray that they were breathing by the end of this mayhem. In this situation of utter helplessness, a common man somehow mustered the courage to look at the terror in the eye and seek answers to the questions that mattered.

Swayams Films Pvt Ltd in association with Flying Colors Entertainment with over 12 years of combined experience in producing television and advertisements brings you a story of a common Mumbaikar, 'Mansoor Ahmed Qureshi' ― played by National award winner Amit Phalke ― who confronts the terrorist ― played by Arvind Shandilya - responsible for bringing this misery to his family and to hundreds of other Mumbaikars.

What would you do if you had caught the terrorist? To know what Mansoor did, watch this unconventional story that is bound to put your mind in a tailspin, "To the Terrorist with Love" which released on July 11, 2020.  The Story and screenplay by Arvind Shandilya and it is directed by Vinod Pandole. Cinematography by Sanjay C. Nair and Music by Adil & Prashant.