Professor and Raquel aka Lisbon's love story is one of kind - Here's why

Professor and Raquel aka Lisbon's love story is one of kind - Here's why

Remember when Sergio Mariquina aka Professor said ‘no personal relationships’? well, guess who broke the rule? Everyone.  

All the money heist fans are well aware that how the professional relationship did not limit to just heist rather turned personal and it was because of this love between Rio and Tokyo that led to season three. We saw love brewing between Rio and Tokyo (the on-off couple), Denver and Monica (later known as Stockholm), Nairobi liking Helsinki, etc.

But our most favourite has to be Professor and Raquel (Lisbon). We wouldn’t mind having a love story like theirs. The professor who is the mastermind behind the robberies turns out to be a hopeless romantic too who dug a tunnel just to get his partner out and executing a plan that will lead her back to the heist along with his crew.

It was in season 1, we saw Professor used a fake identity to get close to Raquel with eventually both of them falling in love while Raquel was still unaware of Professor’s identity. It was Raquel who had fallen in love first and later Sergio developed feelings for her.

In the finale of season 1, it was seen that Raquel comes to know his true identity and wants to hand him over to the police but couldn’t as she has fallen deeply in love with him. She ends up helping his gang for him, proving her feelings for him were true. She, a police officer herself did not care much about her identity neither did she care about the rules and ran away with the professor.

In later seasons, we witnessed how much she supported him even after knowing his identity and knowing the reason behind the heist. To support him she herself became part of the heist under the name “Lisbon”.

The Professor loved her deeply too. When she was arrested by the police the professor couldn’t control his emotions and we saw him breaking down (with that breaking our hearts, too!) and we saw a change of plans wherein, with the help of his outside friends he dug a tunnel, quite literally just so Raquel is not presented in the court. Along with that he also made sure she reached the bank safely along with his gang members and continued the heist.

No wonder, the Professor is setting the bar too high!

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