Review: Flipkart Original 'Zindagi Inshort' is all about 'smiling despite the worries'

Produced by Guneet Monga, the seven short film anthology made by many creative minds shed light on different aspects of life. Here's the overall review of the anthology

Review: Flipkart Original 'Zindagi Inshort' is all about 'smiling despite the worries'

Rating: 4/5

Films: Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle, Pinni, Sleeping Partner, Sunny Side Upar, Thappad, Nano So Phobia and Swaaha

Every day, almost all of us, live our lives with challenges. We face obstacles -mentally, emotionally and physically - and the only option we have is to find happiness and satisfaction. If asked to summarise our everyday life, in short, most of us would find it difficult, because it is filled with ups and downs, and its the experience which cannot be put to words, easily.

Focusing on similar lives is Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guneet Monga's recently produced film, Zindagi Inshort, where several creative minds have showcased seven short films which shed light on different aspects of life, ones which we live around. These stories reflect lives thereby leaving you with a big smile on your face - all tagged to women, happiness and life!

The first short film of the series, Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle, starring Manjot Singh and Aisha Ahmed is a beautiful story about two young adults who explore the world of online dating, with a hope to find that 'someone special.' The story is a happy tale of love wrapped with traditions and barriers we face even today, and unfortunately, leaves one longing for the much-awaited moments, just because of the distance.

Tahira Kashyap's film Pinni, starring Neena Gupta and Shishir Sharma is a tale of almost every middle-class household. Amid the hectic life and a busy schedule between office, meetings and home; the husband (Shishir Sharma) tends to avoid spending time with family, ignoring his wife's (Neena Gupta) emotional needs. Her presence and efforts are taken for granted, and despite several attempts, he fails to acknowledge, until one day, when she decides to respond her way. Tahira has captured the essence not only from a wife but also a mother's perspective, where she is remembered only when in need, always in-between the busy schedule, which leaves her longing for communication. 

There are times where tolerance is tested, especially when you are quietly dealing with situations in life. Often one's silence is considered a weakness and hence people tend to take advantage of it, thereby increasing the degree. Addressing the same in Punarvasu Naik's story, Sleeping Partner, starring Sanjay Kapoor and Divya Dutta in lead roles. This was one of my favourite stories from the anthology, as the filmmaker has ensured that every emotion of the woman is captured in a short time frame. We watch her being avoided, wanting love, being used, tortured and eventually finding a voice and rising like a phoenix to fight for her right. This film represents empowerment and shines.

Another favourite among the seven stories was Thappad directed by Vinay Chhawaal, which shows the relationship of a brother-sister duo. Living in rural parts of India, in a village, comes with its own challenges, where girls and women are looked down. The brother (Shafin Patel) is a comic-book fanatic and lives in a world of superheroes. He observes his sister being bullied and so stands tall (despite being short and young) to protect her. Besides the simple story, the likeable factor of the short film is the treatment and direction by Vinay. It is unlike anything I've watched in recent times. The film is an example of minimalism, be it in the script, dialogues etc., and the outcome is highly appreciated.

Other films Sunny Side-up, Nano So Phobia and Swaaha also share the common message and entertain, but not as much as other films do. Sunny Side-up is a film which teaches the important lesson of life, that is to live every moment happily, focusing on what one intends to do. It's about keeping the professional aspects aside and taking decisions keeping the happiness factor in mind. 

Deepak Dobriyal and Isha Talwar’s film Swaaha explores the subject of doubt, where a man easily questions his wife for cheating on him, only because he thinks she is beautiful, outgoing and gets a lot of attention. Dobriyal's comic timing has always been appreciated. On the other hand, Nano so Phobia is about the troubles one goes through alone, especially when old while living in a state of fear always. The maker has tapped on the state of mind we live in, where one is unsure of being safe even among the known people. 

Zindagi Inshorts is a happy series which mirrors the lives of many, focusing on brighter aspects we need to focus on  - be it happiness, strength, love, trust, ambitions etc. All the films end on a happy note, which teach one to 'smile despite the worries.' and kudos to the filmmakers and Guneet Monga for making this anthology and spreading happiness, with every film.

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