'Dear Rishi Kapoor, for one last time...Thank You,' writes Ssumier Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty

'Dear Rishi Kapoor, for one last time...Thank You,' writes Ssumier Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty

It was July 10, 2016.

3: 10 PM

It was a regular normal day in my life. With no work in my hand and no auditions to attend, I was worried, yet enjoying the monsoon breeze, looking outside the window, trying to figure where my life was taking me. I was often questioning if I was on the right path of my career? Holding a cup of chai in my hand and sitting on the ledge of my room, I was totally unaware that my life was about to change in the next 20 minutes. It was almost more than a year without work since I had taken a sabbatical from television shows and no one was offering me a role I would be excited about. However, I believe the almighty had a way to shower love and blessings.

5:15 PM

I was sitting with my friend Kundu who had visited me from New York and talking about our respective lives when I got a call from my dear friend Jigar Ganatra (Entertainment Journalist) out of nowhere asking me in a rather surprised tone - “Ssumier, where are you right now?”

My reply was in shock because it was long that I had spoken to him. Out of concern, I said, “I am home.  Are you ok?”

“Ssumier, go to Twitter Right now. Mr Rishi Kapoor is asking about you and looking for you” He told me with a serious tone and that gave me goosebumps. My hands were trembling not knowing what to do with this news and why was he was looking for me, wondering what have I done? Worried, I opened my Twitter account… didn’t know where to check what to check…. I didn’t even know what was his account handle was. My panic mode was on as I was constantly typing and retyping his name to find his verified account then.

I called Jigar again and said "Jigar, I can’t find Rishi Kapoor’s account. Can you tell me his handle?” It was @Chintskap, he replied.  Upon going to his handle, I was shocked to see a Tweet which I didn't know would create a huge impact in my life forever.

“This Guy is amazing. He is Pammi Aunty! Anyone know about him or his whereabouts? Am told he is all over the net” posted Rishi Kapoor at 3:34 PM.

Now, let me take you back what happened a few days back in the month of May & June.

I had randomly started posting a few videos of one min each dressing up as a Punjabi lady Pammi Aunty, the videos which had started going viral. Completely doing it out of joy or I can say in my free time, unaware, what could be the outcome of such video. Social media then had not spread its wing the way it is now, especially for content creators, in the regional space My Pammi Aunty videos were said to be stress busters to many but again, I was not a big name and neither the videos were viral with millions of views.

Back to July 10, 2016…

Jumping with Joy not knowing how to react I called my friends and family just to share this moment that ‘The Rishi Kapoor’ liked my Pammi Aunty video and is been looking for me. This gave me a sense that it had become viral. But I still did not know if I should reply to the tweet or not, wondering if he would read or not. What should I do?

 Hence, I went back to Jigar and called again, and asked, “Jigar I don’t know what to do with this tweet?” and wisely so, he asked me to reply back, stating that it was the best thing to do and it was necessary that one had to be courteous enough to thank for the compliments given.

5:48 PM

I gathered courage and tried to reply back to this powerhouse of talent – an inspiration to many. I wrote to Rishi Kapoor with one simple line “Thank you, sir, for appreciating my work. Really means a lot coming from you…”

Within a few seconds, he replied, “Call your Show Hor ki??? Will be a riot. Subject banao for TV Channel. My best Wishes to you God Bless!” and he signed off.

It so happens that a tweet from someone popular just remains personal and soon becomes a part of a distant memory. At times it is forgotten for, it is merely a way of encouragement from a person you look up to, want to work with or share the screen space with.

But this tweet for me it did not stop here. It meant a lot and was like a magic wand – a message from someone that changed my career forever,

Following Rishi Kapoor’s tweet, I got a call from NDTV that very evening, asking for my thoughts, ‘media byte’ as they say it in their language, seeking my reaction about the same. Everything I had was just out of joy that one would feel, especially when legends talk about you and appreciated your work.

But on the other side, a renowned name tweeting about you comes with a huge responsibility. Media attention started with NDTV and they wanted to give me a chance to perform as Pammi Aunty, at one of their awards show. Pammi Aunty was shown the path of success from one channel to another, from one award to another, eventually becoming the internet sensation reckoned and loved by many, today.

But this article is not about Pammi Aunty and her success, but a way of pouring my heart out, and thanking Rishi Kapoor, once again, for one last time. He was and will be someone I will always look up to, but someone who I could never meet. I should have planned that as I interacted with him at many occasions through social media or through her daughter and my friend Ridhima Kapoor, but this wish, somehow, had to remain unfulfilled.

So for the one last time…

Dear Rishi Kapoor sir,

I always wanted to meet you in person, touch your feet and thank you for rescuing my life when I was in much need of it. I was lost, clueless, walking on an unknown path of making my career in this same entertainment industry where many people come and leave unnoticed.

Sir, one tweet from you, with merely three lines of appreciation gave a nobody like me, a hope to survive in this industry where I have no godfather to back or support.  I remember in one of your tweets, during our brief chat, you said, “UNTRUE. No one can make your anyone’s career. Its’s their own talent and sincerity that counts. Ssumier has abundant and he has done it himself.”

 You said these words out of great humility but ask a person whose life changed just after that tweet you sent. You were an angel, a ray of hope, that light I sought in the darkness. I thought my talent was being wasted in Mumbai and not being appreciated by anyone, and just like others, you too could have merely watched the video, laughed and discussed with your family.

But you chose to write about it, taking time out for me from your busy schedule and that one minute you spent, was as though GOD WAS TWEETING FOR ME. I still believe it was His way of answering my prayers, through you, and a way of telling me that I did not have to worry about my career, as up there, it was taken care of. You promised that you will be part of my show or would someday love to collaborate with me, but as they say, destiny has its own plans.

My success today is a gift you gave me, through your wishes and blessings and it is something I shall cherish always. It is with great humility, that I owe this to you, till the last breath I take…

Hor Ki, Kapoor Sahab? Alvida. Rest in Peace.

Indebted forever,

Ssumier Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty

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